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Guidance for partners of porn addicts
Don't Reward Bad Behaviour!
If you  Google  porn addict   you will find the number of  hits quite astounding. It can be baffling and  cause information overload. On my site I am not really talking to the porn addict, although the information would be invaluable to any porn addicts who cares to read it. I prefer to keep things simple and whenever possible and appropriate, delivered with a sense of  humour.

Humour has always been my defence mechanism .

I lived with a porn addict for 3 years and it broke my heart and my spirit, ending with me leaving him and eventually, being treated for PTSD as part of my rehabilitation back into the land where constant exposure to porn isn't the norm.

It took me a long time to realise that my partner was a porn addict, but as I dug deeper, I began to realise that  his odd behaviour and low sex drive  was not due to anything I was or was not doing; he was and still is, a porn addict.

Hey Lindsay,
I think your book is FANTASTIC!

This book by Lindsay McKinnon adds a much needed voice to the world of sex and porn addiction -- the voice of the partner. And her voice lends not only understanding, but humor.

Paldrom Collins 
sexual therapist and author
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Author KR NYE says what he thinks about Lindsay's new book.

From your book, I was able to get a different perspective, and a much more in depth look at the reasons why individuals succumb to the allure of pornography. 

Through your writing, even though you tried to put a humorous twist on the subject, I could still feel the hurt and pain you felt as a woman and partner of a porn addict, for all of the demeaning and degrading things your partner tried to get you to do, in their quest for sexual pleasure.  
KR Nye
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Don't Reward Bad Behaviour!
Guidance for partners of porn addicts
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Lindsay McKinnon is a British comedienne who had the misfortune of finding herself partnered with a porn addict.

Her site is dedicated to making sure no one else suffers through the travails of being with a porn addicted man without laughing their arse off, as she might say.

When I first heard about Lindsay's site, I admit to being vaguely wary; after all, I couldn't imagine what might be remotely funny about sex addiction, any aspect of it.

Within minutes on her site, I found myself laughing so hard my ribs hurt.

If you love British humor as much as I do, and you need to be convinced there's a way to view the PoSA pickle you're in through a wickedly comical lens,
go here.
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This is one of the most horrifyingly beautiful poems I have ever heard. Please listen to it all the way through
and if you don't cry then you are a stronger man/woman than I.

Ian the tech guy
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Help for partners of porn addicts!

Why Thousands Of Young Men
Are Giving Up Pornography In 2014

"No single vice causes so much mental and physical debility,” began a section of a popular home medical guide
published in 1921, “than masturbation.
It impairs the intellect, weakens the memory, debases the mind, ruins the nervous system and destroys body, mind and soul."

An Esquire Magazine survey comes up with suprising result.

At that time I didn't even know there was such a thing as porn addiction. I had heard of sex addiction thanks to various Hollywood stars having their private lives splashed across the tabloids, but I certainly didn't associated the low sex drive of my partner with being addicted to porn.

Why would I?

Thanks to some wonderful people at various web sites (check out Lindsay's Links)  I began to get my head around the fact that my low self esteem and his low sex drive had the same root.

His low sex drive was caused by his full hard drive.

I began to observe him more closely  and it soon became obvious that I was living with someone who was addicted to porn.

This discovery and the process of accepting what I had found were the inspiration for my book "You Want Me To Do WHAT With That?! The Life Expectancy of a Relationship with a Porn Addict" and were the first steps on my road to recovery.